Inclined elevators in hotels and resorts.

Teleferic installations

Why should you consider installing a teleferic in your hotel.

A inclined elevator (teleferic) is not just a luxury, it is an essential part of the infrastructure of a building that wants to improve accessibility to facilities that a common elevator cannot cover. In the following video you can see how easy it is for the guests of the hotel to access the beach with the teleferik we installed, directly from the hotel’s rooms and other facilities. Therefore installing a teleferik is not just a luxury it is a necessity.

Access to steep beaches.

A teleferic allows you to directly connect your facilities to a beach that is difficult to access.

Improvement of facilities for people with disabilities.

A teleferic can replace long distances with stairs that are difficult to access for people with disabilities

Respect for the enviroment.

Inclined elevators and teleferics has small energy footprint and operate silently. Therefore the disturbance to the environment is minimal.

Installations to our customers.

We have installed teleferics to a variety of hotels in Corfu and the rest of Greece. After discussing the project with you we will analyze your case in detail, and present a solution exclusively for you.

Use case: Hotel Rodostamo.

See how the installation of a teleferic managed to help Hotel Rodostamo to improve their services.


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