Inclined elevators: maintenance, installations, repairments

About us.

Our company specializes in the field of intallation, maintenance and repairment of inclined elevators (teleferics) in Corfu and the rest of Greece. Our technicians have years of experience in installing teleferics

Construction quality

We only use certified materials and components.

Eco-friendly design

Our teleferics are designed in such a way that the surrounding environment is always protected.

Multiple years of experience

Our technicians are guaranteed experts and professionals in their jobs, with multiple projects under their belt.


 See how we helped our clients to improve their infrastructure and provide better experience to their guests.


Gianniotis Ioannis +30 6932 769 621 Gianniotis Anastasios: +30 6944 344218 Office:+30 26610 81898


Donatou Dimoulitsa, 116, Corfu