Our Company

About Us

The company.

Our company “Teleferik-Hellas” specializes in the field of installation, maintenance and repairment of inclined elevators (teleferic). We consist of a team with years of experience, based in Corfu. We undertake projects all around Greece. By carefully studying the needs of every case individually, we can present solutions engineered to the specific occasion


Our purpose.

Our purpose is to understand the needs of every project and how it would impact the enviroment and the people. This way we can provide solutions that exceeds expecations. Our target is our clients to be sucessful and to make the life of their customers easier, more confortable and safe.

Our relations with our clients.

We remain near to our clients for the total lifecycle of our products and services and we guarantee  the safety of their users. We adjust the ever-changing needs and constantly search of ways to work more efficiently.

We welcome new ideas with open mind and make sure to always provide what we promise. By working together we encourage  participation and share information and ideas.